Friday, 29 October 2010

Quote of the day 30th October 2010

‎"Never force love, if you let it go it will come back in a different way, and it will keep on trying to tell you the truth" -

 Translated from the closing theme song of the cartoon Sailor Moon in German.

This is a absoltely beautiful quote, but one i can't take credit for, this was posted on facebook wall, by one of my closest friends Megan. She is an absolute diamond and joy to be around, and as this blog is about joys, she certainly deserves a mention.

Megan is currently on a year abroad in France and I MISS HER like mad. She came into my life last year, and i feel like i have known her all my life, despite knowing her for less than a year, she is definately up there with my other closest friends!

Im looking forward to her coming back from her year abroad, so that we can resume our dates in starbucks, and aldi's and her flat, go to bicester village and just have her  back in my life.

Megan is like my sister that i never had and i know that i will always know her along Mike, Jane, Abie and my dearly missed Sadaf.

I <3 you Megs :) xxx


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  1. Oh my god Rucksana I LOVE YOU!!!!! This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen! I miss you tooooo!!!!!!!